29-9-2017 In partnership with the Siraj Library, Alrowwad held a storytelling marathon along a course that started with Alrowwad in the Aida Camp and ended at the house of Em Ibrahim with the reading of the story of Mohammed al-Shatir.

28-9-2017 Alrowwad and Right to Play, an organization who run play-based programs teaching children how to life safe and healthy lives, held a day of sports and play bus activities at the Beit Jala mixed school.

10-9-2017, On Sunday, the Chicago-based Solidarity Studios began a workshop, training Alrowwad volunteers in electronic music production.

11-9-2017, The preliminary meeting was held at the Alrowwad Society for members of Alrowwad’s recently launched football training program. More than 29 children from Aida camp signed up to join the program, led by Ahmad Abu Sawy, and attended the meeting in order to prepare for the intensive training program starting this September and continuing until […]

14-9-2017, Alrowwad Cultural & Arts Society volunteers completed a 3-day training workshop organized by Chicago’s Solidarity Studios, learning various electronic music production skills. The final meeting was attended by the director general of Alrowwad, Abdelfattah Abusrour who thanked the team from Solidarity Studios for the training they provided to the Alrowwad team of volunteers, affirming […]

17-9-2017, On Saturday, the Alrowwad Library organized an educational day for children, where they read and discussed the story ‘Mama Kabeera’, in collaboration with the Tamer Foundation.

31/8/2017 Alrowwad Cultural & Arts Society, in collaboration with the Italian entertainers ‘Peace and Klaun’, held an Eid al-Adha celebration for children in the Aida Camp. Children were able to partake in many different games and entertaining activities, organised by Peace and Klaun. The celebration ended with a party where the children were presented with […]