19-1-2018 Alrowwad culture and arts Society concluded her activity under titled “we are Jerusalem” which participated 55 children from the Aida camp and Bethlehem city. This camp has been continued for 10 days, which children learned more about Jerusalem and the dangers surrounded the city, especially attempt to Judaize it by the Israeli occupation. Despite the […]

11-1-2018 the founder and general director at Alrowwad cultural and arts Society “Abdelfattah Abu srour” and members of the administration visited AL-Doha municipality to congratulate the new municipality-president R’fat jawabra for his new work, and wish him more success. They also discussed “cooperation way” between Doha municipality and Alrowwad cultural and arts to develop the […]

9-1-2018 Alrowwad culture and arts society launching on Tuesday in 2018 under title “we Jerusalem” in Aida camp to tell the kids importance of Jerusalem and how to preserve its Palestinian identity from trying to Judaize epically after the latest US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation. This camp, which […]

8-1-2018 The Education Program at Alrowwad Culture and Arts society launched a new English and Spanish language course for children in Aida camp for the first level during the winter vacation. The founder and general director at Alrowwad “Abedelfattah Abu srour”, said “Alrowwad always seek to provide a positive and a safe environment for children’s […]

4-1-2018 Education program at Alrowwad culture and arts society did an activity for children to welcomed the new year 2018 through a culture discussion which the children presented their messages and dreams for the new year and they hope to become a reality one day The children also expressed their discomfort at the end of the […]

31-12-2017 Alrowwad Culture and Arts society , presenting of the chairman of the administrative board Mrs. Azhar Abu Sorour, Treasurer Ibrahim Abu Sorour and executive director Ribal al-Kurdi with the crew of Alrowwad in a closing meeting for the year 2017. At the beginning of the meeting, the executive director, Ribal AlKurdi, addressed the greetings […]

2-1-2018 During the month of December, Alrowwad cultural and arts society completed the third phase of the work on the inauguration of the Alrowwad vocational training building and the preparation of a number of its internal facilities in preparation for its opening next year. Work has been done on the internal infrastructure of the guest […]

31-12-2017 Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society and through the Women’s Program concluded in December a training course for women in the field of (crochet) which is the knitting or twisting of the small needle thread which is a special needle. which participated in the training course, which lasted more than ten meetings, was attended by […]

31-12-2017 From the healthy and hot soups to the popular dishes and desserts Palestinian delicacies, the authors of Bethlehem Book collected Palestinian recipes to give the Western reader a glimpse of daily life in Palestine where the Palestinian land and culture are subjected to the largest campaign of Israeli Judaization and piracy of Palestinian food […]

Alrowwad cultural and arts society counseled on December her foreign tour 2017 which touched a number of European and Arab countries. During his stay in Britain and Scotland the founder and general director at Alrowwad Society Abdelfattah Abusrour, visited a number of institutions, cultural clubs and libraries during the launch of the new Bethlehem Beautiful […]