Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society held in collaboration with the education ministry’s directorate in Bethlehem governorate a training workshop to follow up with the winners of the morning announcement contest from Rabah school for girls. The training workshop aimed to provide farther training for the students and prepare them to participate in a nationwide contest that is […]

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society hosted a group of Danish students on Friday, the 13th of April where Alrowwad’s photographer, photography students and volunteers conducted a photo tour with the Danish students. The tour is part of many training tours that Alrowwad is working on conducting to give students of Images for Life the chance to […]

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society hosted on Thursday the 12th of April a workshop entitled ‘communication’ in collaboration with trainer Nizar al-Aiyasa. A group of Al-Quds Open University’s students participated in the workshop that is considered one of the workshops that Alrowwad provides for university students to reinforce communication between local society and students.

In the 5th of April, Alrowwad’s women program held a workshop that tackled the issue of learning difficulties with the social advisor Mai Adawi. Many women volunteers participated in the workshop. The coordinator of Alrowwad’s women program Manal Odeh said that workshops are part of a plan that aims to develop the women’s program and […]

Alrowwad cultural and arts society commemorated in April the 5th Palestinian children day and Palestinian heritage day through celebrating with cultural and arts activities under the theme of Palestinian heritage. Tens of children and parents participated at the event and expressed their joy and appreciation for Alrowwad. The commemoration started by narrating a popular tale […]

In March the 31st, Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society conducted an entertaining activity for children where Alrowwad’s play bus organized an event, using entertaining and educational games at Aida refugee camp. Alrowwad’s wooden games are considered one of the nonsystematic and nontraditional ways that are used to motivate children’s ability to learn and improve their […]

On Friday of March the 23d, Alrowwad Culture and Arts Society participated in the sixth international Palestine marathon that started at manager square in Bethlehem at 8 am with the participation of over than 7000 Palestinian and international runners. Marathon included four tracks, the 42 kilometer race, the 21 kilometer race, the 10 kilometer race […]

In 20, March, Tuesday, Alrowwad Culture and Arts Society held a celebration to commemorate mother’s day to honor the women and mothers of Aida refugee camp. A group of women volunteers, women of the camp and the head of Alrowwad’s administrative committee Azhar Abu Srour attended the celebration. Azhar Abu Srour started the celebration by […]

Alrowwad Culture and Arts Society hosted the contest of the best school announcement on Tuesday the 3d of March. The contest was organized by the ministry of education in Bethlehem in collaboration with Alrowwad as part of the ministry’s public relations’ plan to increase the number of conducted students’ activities. Alrowwad contributed in organizing the […]