Monthly Archives: May 2018

Alrowwad Dabkha crew presented a performance in a national celebration held in an-Najah National University in Nablus city in April,27 for students. Alrowwad arts crew presents different shows and performances and participates in several national occasions and formal celebrations especially in Palestinian Universities.

Alrowwad library conducted in April, 25 a story-telling event for children to create awareness for children on the hunger strike that Palestinian prisoners have launched in Israeli jails in April,17. Alrowwad librarian read for the children stories that narrated the lives of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails and reflected their suffering during interrogation and […]

  Alrowwad society conducted in April, 21 the closing events of ‘My Freedom’ exhibit for pictures that was held in Russian Cultural Center for four days as part of the second Festival that was organized in solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. The exhibit was visited by large numbers of Palestinians […]

The Football league of Palestinian villages was launched at al-Dawha city football field in April, 20 with the participation of 12 football teams that represent the Palestinian villages evacuated of Palestinians and demolished by Israeli occupational forces in 1948. The league was launched with the presence of alrowwad executive manager Ribal al-Kurdi, al-Dawha municipality head […]

Alrowwad Society organized in April, 17 the second Festival in the Russian Cultural Center in Bethlehem city to commemorate Palestinian Prisoners’ Day amid the first day of hunger strike launched by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Many National Forces’ representatives, former prisoners and families of martyrs and Palestinian prisoners attended the festival. Alrowwad director general […]

In April.15 alrowwad Society drew the lots to decide the participating teams and the dates of games in the span of April and May of the Palestinian villages’ Football League. Alrowwad  .executive director Ribal al-Kurdi and the Palestinian referee attended the event

Alrowwad Society hosted in April. 15 festival organized by Siraj library for children and took place in alrowwad library entitled as ‘Fish’. The festival included several events such as games, telling stories, competitions and distributing gifts.  

The Woman Unit in alrowwad Society launched in April. 13 a course teaching women how to use house sewing equipments as part of program that aims to help women and create job opportunities for them.     

In April.10, alrowwad theatrical crew performed ‘The School’s Chair’ play in al-Walaja coeducation school for the students and their families. The performances will continue in governmental schools and UNRWA schools till the end of current school semester.