Monthly Archives: March 2018

June 20, 2017 On Tuesday, Alrowwad cultural and arts center held an event for the dispersal of food aid to the families of Aida and Beit Jibrin refugee camps and surrounding areas in cooperation with Karamah Association in Deheisha refugee camp and in partnership with the organization known as Penny Appeal in the UK for […]

June 19, 2017 On Monday, Alrowwad cultural and arts centers closes off its youth Playstation soccer competition. The competition was held in Alrowwad’s gallery, and participants included youth from different parts of the Bethlehem district. In attendance for the end of the competition was director Dr. Abdelfatah Abu Srour, executive director Ribal Alkurdi, and volunteers. The […]

June 17, 2017 Alrowwad cultural and arts center hosted a soccer competition on PlayStation that targeted the youth of Aida camp, as part of its Ramadan evening programming. The competition will last for three days with groups of players designated for each day. Winners will be placed in a draw for a prize.

June 16, 2017 On Thursday Alrowwad cultural and arts center hosted a community iftar as part of its Ramadan evening events, which was attend by the children and youth of Aida camp. Volunteers and members of the dance group of Alrowwad helped put on the event, which consisted of dance, music, and interactive games. These […]

June 16, 2017 Alrowwad cultural and arts center began providing Hebrew lessons taught by freed prisoner Abu Akr and targeting youth volunteers in Aida camp. The lessons focus on grammar rules, letter identification and pronunciation, and familiarization with important words and sentences. These lessons are part of a larger group of educational lessons provided by Alrowwad […]

June 15, 2017 On Thursday Alrowwad cultural and arts center carried out entertaining activities for the children of Aida camp. Alrowwad library contains several different resources that children can use to their advantage during their free time such as books, toys, and puzzles. Such resources can help develop their thinking and expression skills, in addition […]

June 13, 2017 On Tuesday Alrowwad cultural and arts society, in collaboration with German cultural organization “Goethe”, hosted a Ramadan evening event attended by both younger and older kids alike in the Alrowwad theater hall in Aida camp. Ribal Alkurdi, executive director of Alrowwad, opened the evening by welcoming everyone and stressing Alrowwad’s goal of […]

June 9, 2017 Alrowwad cultural and arts society concluded a special workshop dedicated to teaching animation, titled “Let your ideas come to life”. This workshop targeted youth who wished to develop their animation abilities. During the workshop, which lasted for two days,  participants came up with scenes that they then brought to life. They learned how […]

June 6, 2017 On Tuesday, Alrowwad cultural and arts society played the film “To My Father” in Aida camp as part of its evening programming for the holy month of Ramadan. This is merely one of several other events that will continue to be held throughout Ramadan. The film “To My Father”, by director Abd al-Salam […]

June 6, 2017  On Tuesday, Alrowwad cultural and arts society launched an animation workshop entitled “Let your ideas come to life”, which targets youth who wish to develop their animation abilities. During this animation workshop, which will continue for two days, the participants create a scene and animate it. They will need to apply the […]