Monthly Archives: July 2018

  Alrowwad Society concluded the second A’aidon summer camp in July, 25, after lasting for 15 days. The summer camp included many activities and workshops that worked for the development of the children’s creative abilities and provided the healthy atmosphere for children to express themselves. The activities of the camp included many theatrical performances such […]

AlRowwad Society represented by it general director Abed al-Fatah Abu Srour ended in July, 25 a tour thatw as conducted in the United States. The tour aimed to introduce the activities, projects and activities conducted by Alrowwad in Palestine. Three children of Alrowwad Society have also participated in events of the international camp ‘Circus Smirkus’ […]

Alrowwad Society’s presented in July, 23 a theatrical performance for children of the second A’aidon summer camp that tackled that issue of schools’ violence. The performance was met with acceptance during the theatrical tour that was conducted in schools, since it has portrayed issues that children face in their daily lives as students in addition […]

Alrowwad Society’s Art Unit continued theatrical training’s workshops in July, 22 with the participation of the Australian intern Ray. The Art Unit is currently working on creating a new theatrical performance, where trainings will continue for three consecutive weeks.  

Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society made in July, 20, 2017 the draw of the A’aidon Football League for 10 year-old children with the participation with a number of sports clubs and teams in Palestine. The draw session was attended by the executive manager of Alrowwad Society, the secretary Khadir Abu Sawi and a committee representing the […]

Political commissioner Muhamad al-Shobaki and Colonel Munther Masaada of the Political Guidance Commission visited in July, 20, 2017 ‘A’aidon summer camp that was organized by Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society for the second time. Colonel Masaada met with the participated groups in the summer camp and delivered a lecture entitled ‘affiliation to homeland’. The participants interacted […]

  July 17, 2017 The children of Alrowwad’s summer camp, “Returning”, went on a trip to the Murad Pool in Bethlehem, as a sort of break from the summer heat and to mix up their activities and give them a chance for a different form of play. These excursions are a part of the activities […]

July 16, 2017 On Sunday, the children of “Returning” summer camp took part in a trip organized by Alrowwad cultural and arts society. They spent a fun day in Mary Doty Park, in Bethlehem, playing tag, playing on equipment, and bouncing around in a bounce house.