Monthly Archives: May 2018

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts conducted a ceremony on Monday August, 14 to honor students who passed Tawjihi exams successfully with the presence of the head of Alrowwad’s administrative board Azhar Abu Srour, general director of Alrowwad Abed al-Fatah Abo Srour, deputy head of the popular committee in Aida camp Samir Atta, students’ families […]

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Art hosted a ceremony festival that was organized by associations in Aida camp, popular committee and UN director for Aiada and Beit Jubreen camps to honor Nabeel Misbah, former head of UNRWA environment health department, with the presence of associations’ representatives and employees of health department in UNRWA. The ceremony […]

Delegation of Amos Trust Association ended in August, 3 its three-days visit to Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts in Aida refugee camp. The delegation met members and children of Alrowwad Society in a visit that was conducted to strengthen the exchange of cultures between different people where many theatre performances and photography events were […]

As part of Mubdi’on camp, Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts launched in August, 11 a training course with the assistance of ‘Pictures for Life’ program and photography unit to teach children the basic skills of photography. General director of alrowwad society Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour , said that Mubdi’on camp will provide the opportunity for children […]

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts started a training course in August, 11 specialized in teaching children how to play musical instruments and how to develop an ability to play different rhythms. As part of Alrowwad’s art program, music teacher Murad Nasim provides the opportunity for children to play different musical instruments in an attempt […]

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts conducted in August, 8 an entertaining activity for children of the summer camp that was started by UNRWA in Aida refugee camp. Alrowwad’s play bus carried out several educational competitions and games for the children during the event by using wooden toys.  

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts launched a closed training program for a group of children ‘football amateurs’ in Aida refugee camp in August, 3. The children were trained on new football skills by the British intern Charlie  as part of the program that will last for three consecutive weeks.

30-7-2017 The Palestinian Academy football team has won championship of the football league, after competing with 11 participating teams during the three-days league. Al-Fidae Academy occupied second place in the league, while Sur Baher team occupied the third place of the football league. Following the final game, Palestinian national anthem was played and al-Fateha was […]

A’aidon Football League, which was organized by alrowwad Society for cultural and Art and in collaboration with Al-Dawha municipality and was sponsored by National Insurance Company, was launched in July, 25, 2017 in the football field of al-Dawha. 6 football teams from Jerusalem and 5 football teams from West Bank participated in the league, all […]