Daily Archives: September 8, 2018

16/10/2017 Alrowwad for Arts and Culture implemented an activity for kids through the educational program about the negative impact of the Balfour Declaration, by which Britain gave Israel the right of creating its national home in Palestine. The kids wrote many papers on the 100 years of Balfour Declaration and its results. They also wrote […]

14/10/2017 Alrowwad for Arts and Culture society created trainings for students from Aida Camp, so they can improve their skills in theater work, discover their talents and their abilities to speak about their opinions.

6/10/2017 Alrowwad for Arts and Culture society celebrated the British volunteer Florence Dixon for her efforts in helping kids in education programs and many activities. The director general of Alrowwad, Abdelfattah Abusrour feted her with many members and volunteers.