Daily Archives: September 8, 2018

2/11/2017 Alrowwad for Arts and Culture Society’s volunteers participated in the demonstration organized by the Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights. This demonstration was organized for the 100 years of the Balfour Declaration. Alrowwad volunteers distributed flyers on the Balfour Declaration in the streets for half hour. Then they walked in the city.

31/10/2017 Alrowwad for Culture and Arts Society closed the embroidery training for women within the program working women in the society. The training was coordinated by the Irish volunteer Nikitta. Executive manager of alrowwad  Ribal Alkurdi, and Manal Odeh and other women from Aida camp were present at the training closure. On the behalf of […]

24/10/2017 In partnership with the higher Council for Youth and Sports and more than 70 volunteers from different places, Alrowwad volunteers participated in the second day of the national campaign to pick olives in Kharbat Zakarya. This campaign gives young people the opportunity to help the farmers.

24/10/2017 Alrowwad for Art and Culture Society started a new training in radio broadcasting within the program ‘image for life’. More than 15 students from UNRWA participated in the free training. We chose them to improve their skills and abilities in media and communication. This training is the third in attracting school’s students.

23/10/2017Alrowwad for Art and Culture society started a free training in Arabic calligraphy, within the educational program. This training aims at improving kids’ skills in Arabic calligraphy. Alrowwad for Art and Culture society has been providing many trainings to help kids in improving their skills and abilities.