Monthly Archives: September 2018

25-12-2017 Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society organized a training 2-day workshop for librarians in the Bethlehem Governorate participating in the Copiak project to familiarize them with the applications of smart tablets and how to use them in the fields of teaching and office work.

24-12-2017:  Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society participated to the Christmas appeal events organized by the institutions working in the governorate through the launch of platforms to collect the signatures of visitors and passersby to the Church of the Nativity in the celebrations of Christmas to sign the call of birth, which emphasizes the Arabism of […]

21-12-2017: Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society carried out a number of out of school activities for children through the activities of the bus games carried out in private and public schools in Bethlehem governorate. Where the bus of the Alrowwad Society carried out more than 10 activities during December, attended by more than 450 students […]

18-12-2017:  Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society organized a seminar titled ‘Combating Violence against Palestinian Women’ in partnership with the Society of Social Welfare for the Development of Palestinian Women. Those involved int he meeting included the Undersecretary of the Palestinian Ministry of Women, Bassam al-Khatib; the head of the Women’s Unit in the governorate, Wafaa […]

12-12-2017 Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society, through the Women’s Program, launched Tuesday a new session in the textile field “Trico” for women as part of the voluntary courses that the Alrowwad Society seeks to provide women free of charge in Aida camp.  

9-12-2017: The Women’s Program at the Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society ran an awareness meeting for women to talk about breast cancer with the participation of Dr. Traji Al-Qadi, head of the Community Health Department / Health Directorate in Bethlehem. During the panel discussion, women were informed about the risks of breast cancer and how to […]

9-12-2017 Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society, in cooperation with the Tamer Foundation, ran a discussion panel for children, which included the story of “What is the impediment?”, The theme of the courage of the girl and in addition to the popular story  , Stories have been interactive by children.

8-12-2017 Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society association for Culture and Arts concluded its activities to commemorate the World Day for Children with Disabilities during the first week of December in partnership with the Directorate of Education in Bethlehem and in cooperation with the Foundation of Sadil, Noor association for People with Disabilities, Beit Raja Foundation,and Our […]

5-12-2017 Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society, through the Women’s Program, concluded the training workshop in the field of handicrafts and wool weaving presented by Abeer Al-Zaghl, which lasted for ten days. Where the workshop concluded with a workshop for handicrafts, during which the initiative was honored Abeer Zaghl through the coordinator of the women’s program […]

5-12-2017 Alrowwad for Culture and Arts Society and Radio Alrowwad (194) presented a radio episode entitled “Combating Violence Against Palestinian Women” In which  participated with the Media Coordinator of Alrowwad Society , Mohammed Abu Haniyeh, Ms. Ahlam Al-Wahsh, President of Al Najdah Social Society for the Development of Palestinian Women, Ms. Yula Khair, member of the Federation […]