Daily Archives: September 8, 2018

4-1-2018: Children at Alrowwad welcomed the 2018 New Year by setting out their dreams, with the hope that one day the dreams will become a reality. The New Year activity was part of the Education Program at Alrowwad Culture and Arts Society.  During a cultural discussion aimed at encouraging creativity in the young people of Aida Camp […]

31-12-2017:  Alrowwad Culture and Arts Society ended 2017 by stressing the need for communication to ensure employees and volunteers at Alrowwad remain one big family. At its final meeting for 2017, the Administrative Board of Alrowwad wished everyone involved with the Society a New Year filled with health, progress and creativity. The meeting was attended by […]

2-1-2018:  Alrowwad’s new vocational training building is on track to open in March 2018. The third phase of the building works were completed in December 2017, including a fit-out of the guest house and vocational training workshops, along with the design school, media and technology areas. The building crew of the new Alrowwad centre has completed work on […]

31-12-2017:  Women mastered the art of crochet in December, as part of a new program at Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society. The Women’s Program at the Society provided a training course in crochet, with women learning to create a range of handicrafts including hats, socks and blankets. The ten-part course explained the art of crochet to women from […]

31-12-2017: The secret to making hearty hot soups, tasty main courses and delicious Palestinian desserts are contained in a new cookbook titled “Bethlehem: Beautiful Resistance Recipes”. The book authors, Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour and Manal Odeh, collected recipes from the Aida refugee camp with the aim of giving interested outsiders a taste of daily life in Palestine.  […]

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society is using Palestinian food to convey its message of ‘beautiful resistance’ to a number of European and Arab countries. The founder and general director of Alrowwad, Dr Abdelfattah Abusour visited cultural institutions in Britain and Scotland during the launch of his book, Bethlehem: Beautiful Resistance Recipes. Dr Abelfattah said his visits aimed to open […]

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society participated in a training workshop in Marcel, France, on the use of digital technology in the libraries as the touch board called Makey Makey Stop Motion and how to use it through the partners Copiak pioneers. Where the team received a training in Fab Lab to learn the techniques of adding to visit […]