Alrowwad participates in launching the Palestinian villages’ Football league

The Football league of Palestinian villages was launched at al-Dawha city football field in April, 20 with the participation of 12 football teams that represent the Palestinian villages evacuated of Palestinians and demolished by Israeli occupational forces in 1948.

The league was launched with the presence of alrowwad executive manager Ribal al-Kurdi, al-Dawha municipality head Khalid Sahah, referee Jumaa Ewis and representatives of the 12 teams where a moment of silence was dedicated in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners amid their launched hunger strike.

The launching day included six short Football matches, while other matches will continue on Saturday and Friday.

The league was launched as a reminding event of the names of Palestinian villages demolished by Israeli occupational forces during Nakba in 1948 and to encourage the Palestinian youths to maintain the competition spirit amid the difficult political and economical situation.

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