Alrowwad conducts closing ceremony of ‘My Freedom’ exhibit for pictures


Alrowwad society conducted in April, 21 the closing events of ‘My Freedom’ exhibit for pictures that was held in Russian Cultural Center for four days as part of the second Festival that was organized in solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

The exhibit was visited by large numbers of Palestinians from different villages and govern orates where they expressed their admiration in the exhibit that presented pictures that captured different sides of Palestinian life. The pictures presented in the exhibit were taken by more than 10 Palestinian youths who participated in alrowwad photography course that has been organized lately by alrowwad.

The exhibit tackled expressive humanitarian cases that highlighted the Palestinian heritage and the daily life of Palestinian youth in refugee camps.

Al-Rowwad photographer Murad Abu srour said that the aim of the exhibit is bring the positive energies of youths into life and to prove that the Palestinian art can accomplish its aims and reach to the whole world through the cameras lances.

Al-Rowwad director general Abed al-Fatah Abu srour confirmed on the necessity of organizing such exhibits to deliver messages to the world that reflect that Palestinian suffering due to the Israeli practices.

He also considered the exhibit as part of events and activities that expresses the Palestinian determination in the face of Israeli aggression.

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