Alrowwad hosts Ramadan evening event to celebrate Palestinian art

June 13, 2017

On Tuesday Alrowwad cultural and arts society, in collaboration with German cultural organization “Goethe”, hosted a Ramadan evening event attended by both younger and older kids alike in the Alrowwad theater hall in Aida camp.

Ribal Alkurdi, executive director of Alrowwad, opened the evening by welcoming everyone and stressing Alrowwad’s goal of carrying out events during Ramadan to celebrate Palestinian culture and to remind youth of the original Palestinian art forms and of the Ramadan events which Palestinians have become used to.

The evening consisted of several different shows, including music, a magic show, and spoken word by storyteller Fida Atiya.

Alrowwad will continue to host such events throughout the holy month to celebrate Palestinian cultural heritage.

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