Alrowwad library welcomes children during their summer vacation

June 15, 2017

On Thursday Alrowwad cultural and arts center carried out entertaining activities for the children of Aida camp.

Alrowwad library contains several different resources that children can use to their advantage during their free time such as books, toys, and puzzles. Such resources can help develop their thinking and expression skills, in addition to computers so children can explore the internet and watch educational shows.

Meera Abu Srour, who is in charge of the children’s library, said that Alrowwad provides a safe and fruitful environment for the children. They can play or read freely, without worrying about the outside heat or the the unsafe context of their daily lives.

Alrowwad will continue to welcome children both in the mornings and evenings during their summer vacations, and will host summer camps, field trips, competitions, and festivals.

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