Alrowwad disperses aid to families in Aida camp

June 20, 2017 On Tuesday, Alrowwad cultural and arts center held an event for the dispersal of food aid to the families of Aida and Beit Jibrin refugee camps and
surrounding areas in cooperation with Karamah Association in Deheisha refugee camp and in partnership with the organization known as Penny Appeal in the UK for contributing 200 food packages in this campaign and .
This event is part of the People of Goodness campaign overseen by Alrowwad and dedicated to extending a helping hand to families to lighten the load on them and to lower unemployment levels.

Founder and Director of Alrowwad, Dr. Abdelfatah Abusrour, said that today is only one day in a process that has been going on throughout the entire month of Ramadan and has passed out more than 400 food packages: the People of Goodness campaign. He thanked the Penny Appeal organization and Karamah Association in Deheisha refugee camp and all the workers and volunteers for their efforts, on behalf of the Palestinian people who were supported

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