Alrowwad opens its cultural goods exhibition

June 22, 2017 On Thursday, Alrowwad cultural and arts center opened its first exhibition for cultural products. It included many traditional goods like clothing and bags with hand-stitched designs, Palestinian handicrafts like wood carvings and maps of historical Palestine, and decorative hangings featuring Al Aqsa. Alongside all of this was a variety of Palestinian sweets.

The idea for the exhibition came to fruition to express the importance of these cultural goods and handicrafts, which span across generations. The goal of the exhibition, which lasted for three days, was to focus on nationalistic products and the support of Palestinian handicrafts.

Dr. Abdelfatah Abu Srour, the director of Alrowwad, pointed out the importance of the exhibition in supporting Palestinian women in their work and in their involvement in the community. The exhibition displays the power of women who, alongside men, help with the struggle, with building, and with giving to the community.  And the exhibition, which began during the holy month of Ramadan, helps support the boycott of Israeli products and the nationalistic cause.

The exhibition could not have taken part without the friends of Alrowwad and the women of Aida camp who worked on the stitched designs and the sweets.


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