Alrowwad start A’aidon football league for children

A’aidon Football League, which was organized by alrowwad Society for cultural and Art and in collaboration with Al-Dawha municipality and was sponsored by National Insurance Company, was launched in July, 25, 2017 in the football field of al-Dawha.

6 football teams from Jerusalem and 5 football teams from West Bank participated in the league, all representing Palestine.

Palestinian national anthem was played at the opening ceremony of the league, while a moment of silence to read al-Fateha for the souls of Palestinian martyrs followed the anthem with the participation of the executive manager of Alrowwad Society Ribal al-Kurdi, member of Alrowwad Society’s administrative board Khader Abu saway, representatives of participating sports clubs and referees Salah and Firas Hassan.

executive manager of Alrowwad Society Ribal al-Kurdi said that launching the football league for 10 year-old children is considered a clear message for Israeli occupation that the Palestinian people are practicing their rights in living, having proper education and playing, stressing on the role of Alrowwad Society in providing all capabilities for children to express themselves and develop their skills in all available fields.