alrowwad concludes A’aidon football league for children

30-7-2017 The Palestinian Academy football team has won championship of the football league, after competing with 11 participating teams during the three-days league.

Al-Fidae Academy occupied second place in the league, while Sur Baher team occupied the third place of the football league.

Following the final game, Palestinian national anthem was played and al-Fateha was recited for the souls of Palestinian martyrs as an opening for the coronation ceremony.

General director of alrowwad society Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour expressed appreciation to all who participated in making the league a success, confirming on the necessity of paying more attention and taking care of children considering that they are the youths of the future.

Abu Srour also confirmed on the role of alrowwad Society in developing the abilities and skills of youths in all aspects of life.

Alrowwad Dabka band presented an artistic folklore performance that added an artistic atmosphere to the event, in addition to other performances that were presented by teams’ players.

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