Alrowwad hosts a festival to honor former head of UNRWA environment health department

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Art hosted a ceremony festival that was organized by associations in Aida camp, popular committee and UN director for Aiada and Beit Jubreen camps to honor Nabeel Misbah, former head of UNRWA environment health department, with the presence of associations’ representatives and employees of health department in UNRWA.

The ceremony was held to honor Misbah after spending more than 35 years in service in the UNRWA.

Ribal al-Kurdi, executive manager of Alrowwad, welcomed the attendants and expressed appreciation on behalf of General director of alrowwad society Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour  for Nabeel Misbah for the role he played while serving in UNRWA in helping people of the refugee camp and wished him all the best in his life and in his journey in serving the local society especially Palestinian refugees.

Associations’ representatives expressed their appreciation at the end of the ceremony where Alrowwad’s Dabkha crew presented a theatrical performance.