Alrowwad Society honors Tawjihi students in Aida refugee camp

Alrowwad Society for Culture and Arts conducted a ceremony on Monday August, 14 to honor students who passed Tawjihi exams successfully with the presence of the head of Alrowwad’s administrative board Azhar Abu Srour, general director of Alrowwad Abed al-Fatah Abo Srour, deputy head of the popular committee in Aida camp Samir Atta, students’ families and a number of locals of the camp.

The ceremony started by a moment of silent for reciting the Fateha for the souls of martyrs and a speech for head of Alrowwad’s administrative board Azhar Abu Srour followed, where she welcomed the audience, congratulated the students and confirmed that Alrowwad will provide what is needed to help the students in their educational journey through helping in college tuitions and giving them access to all departments in Alrowwad.

General director of alrowwad society Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour  confirmed that Alrowwad is open for all people in the camp and for all people who are looking for opportunities to develop their skills in all social, cultural and art fields.

He stressed on Alrowwad’s care to provide the best social services for the refugee camp through all departments including the vocational center.

Alrowwad’s Dabkha crew included the ceremony by a Dabkha performance which was followed by distributing certificates and gifts for Tawjihi students.