Alrowwad in Britain and Lebanon – 2017

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society is using Palestinian food to convey its message of ‘beautiful resistance’ to a number of European and Arab countries.

The founder and general director of Alrowwad, Dr Abdelfattah Abusour visited cultural institutions in Britain and Scotland during the launch of his book, Bethlehem: Beautiful Resistance Recipes.

Dr Abelfattah said his visits aimed to open the horizons of cooperation and
partnership with Palestine, especially in the cultural, artistic and creative fields.

During his stay in London, Dr. Abdelfattah was invited to appear on the Good Morning
program on Al-Arabi Channel.  He spoke about Alrowwad as a creative artistic resistance movement, and emphasised the importance of art and creativity to influence the
international opinion, especially on the issue of Jerusalem.

الدكتور عبد الفتاح ابو سرور تلفزيون العربي

Posted by Murad Abusrour on Saturday, December 9, 2017

At the invitation of the society of Charitable Women in Lebanon, Dr. Abdelfattah visited Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, including Camp Burj, Al Barajneh Camp and the Sabra and Shatila camps.

Dr Abdelfattah spoke of the need to open the horizons of joint cooperation, to identify the concerns in the Palestinian camps and transfer a creative experience of resistance to Lebanon to help Palestinians in the diaspora to innovate.

He said excellence through the arts help express the goals of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people wherever they may be.

In Lebanon Dr. Abdelfattah was a guest on the Good Morning program on the Al Arabi satellite channel.  He described Alrowwad as a creative resistance Society that
works with art to convey the concerns and suffering of the Palestinian People.

لقاء مع مؤسس ومدير عام جمعية الرواد للثقافة والفنون الدكتور عبد الفتاح ابو سرور عبر قناة العربي للحديث عن أبرز إنجازات الرواد ونتائج جولته في لبنان

Posted by Alrowwad Cultural And Arts Society on Thursday, December 21, 2017