Alrowwad women learn the art of crochet

31-12-2017:  Women mastered the art of crochet in December, as part of a new program at Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society.

The Women’s Program at the Society provided a training course in
crochet, with women learning to create a range of handicrafts including hats, socks and blankets.

The ten-part course explained the art of crochet to women from the Aida Camp, they soon mastered the skill of twisting wool or thread around a needle to make stitches and they produced garments and other wonders.

The course ended with an exhibition of their handcrafts.  The coordinator of the
Women’s Program at the Alrowwad Society, Manal Awda, thanked the women and Shakira Hajajra, who volunteered her time to teach crochet.  Shakira’s work not only helped the women to gain new skills, but also to make new friendships in Aida.