Children dream of happiness and peace in 2018

4-1-2018: Children at Alrowwad welcomed the 2018 New Year by setting out their dreams, with the hope that one day the dreams will become a reality.

The New Year activity was part of the Education Program at Alrowwad Culture and Arts Society.  During a cultural discussion aimed at encouraging creativity in the young people of Aida Camp the children had the possibility to talk about their dream.

The teacher, Nour Alsqa, said the Alrowwad Society was seeking to provide a positive energy for children in the New Year, building a better future for children to learn, have fun and achieve their dreams.

Politics formed part of the discussion as the children told of their discomfort and fears following the announcement by US President Donald Trump that Jerusalem should become the capital of Israel. They think that Trump’s decision would instead make ” Jerusalem the capital of the occupation”.