Alrowwad commemorates Palestinian heritage day and Palestinian children day

Alrowwad cultural and arts society commemorated in April the 5th Palestinian children day and Palestinian heritage day through celebrating with cultural and arts activities under the theme of Palestinian heritage. Tens of children and parents participated at the event and expressed their joy and appreciation for Alrowwad.

The commemoration started by narrating a popular tale that was followed by a Dabka performance carried out by Alrowwad’s Dabka crew. Children held signs that called for gaining their rights as Palestinian children and painted on white sheets that were put on the outside walls of Alrowwad. Simple paintings that the children tried to express their ambitions and dreams through.

Alrowwad intended to give children a chance to express themselves through theatre, reading, drawing, painting and to let their voices to be heard.

Alrowwad’s founder and general director Abdulfattah Abu Srour stressed on the importance of commemorating such day to allow children to express themselves and to remid everyone with the responsibility that they should carry to provide a safe environment for children and give them a chance to use all creative means to realize their potential.

the commemoration was concluded by offering a traditional Palestinian meal for the attendance Mujadara that children helped cooking.