Alrowwad concludes participation in International Children’s Festival in Turkey

Children’s Dabka crew of Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society concluded its participation in the yearly International Children’s Festival in Turkey for the second consecutive time, after presenting several performances along with 41 crews from different parts of the world.

Dabka crew presented Palestinian traditional performances, while Palestinian flag with fluttered during the performances in the festival that was conducted under the slogan ‘Jerusalem’

Alrowwad’s Dabka crew accompanied by Alrowwad’s executive director Ribal Alkurdi were heartily welcomed by the festival’s coordinators where a special welcoming was organized for the crew.

Alrowwad Dabka crew has also participated in the march that toured in the streets of Kocaeli city as an opening ceremony for the festival that lasted for several days.

Meanwhile,Alrowwad’s director and founder  Dr.Abdulfattah Abu Srour said that Palestine’s participation that is represented by Alrowwad’s crew has left an impact on the hearts of participants and audience of the main event of the festival and during the performances that Alrowwad crew conducted in Turkish schools.

Alrowwad children’s crew attended classes in Turkish schools along with Turkish students in Kocaeli city as an attempt of cultural exchange.