Alrowwad holds a cultural festival for children to commemorate Palestinian heritage day

On Saturday the 12th of May, Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society held a cultural festival for children of Aida refugee camp with the attendance of the head of Alrowwad’s administrative board Azhar Abusrour and Alrowwad’s founder and director Abdelfattah Abusrour along with some residents of the camp.

The festival was conducted as part of series of festivals that Alrowwad carries out to introduce young children to the Palestinian heritage, traditions and identity. The festival introduced children to a side of Palestinian traditions related to family and social occasions where the children acted a Palestinian traditional wedding along with telling tales of the past. A small bazaar that consisted of Palestinian traditional products was held at the festival and was followed by the distribution of Palestinian traditional breakfast consisted of olive oil, thyme and Palestinian traditional bread.

Alrowwad’s founder and director Abedlfattah Abusrour said that commemorating Palestinian heritage day in line with 70 anniversary of Nakba is a chance to strengthen the connection of Palestinian children to their Palestinian identity and spread awareness among them regarding Palestinian cause.

Through a series of events, Alrowwad will work during May to send a message to the international society that reveals the Palestinian children’s determination on the right of return.