Alrowwad launches first Ramadan event for children

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society launched the first event on Tuesday evening the 22d of May as part of series of events that are going to conducted during the holy month of Ramadan. Over than 60 children from Aida and Azza refugee camps attended and participated in the event that included an Iftar (is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan) and several cultural activities.

The event started with a group Iftar for children, followed by a screening of a biographical film about the life of prophet solomon and a contest where children were asked multiple cultural and historical questions and to the winners was given prizes. The event was concluded by a Dabka show that was performed by Alrowwad children Dabka crew as Ramadan sweets and presents were distributed to children.

Alroowad’s general director Abdelfattah Abusrour said that Alrowwad works on leaving a new impact on the cultural and entertaining events to present valuable and meaningful activities, noting that the group Iftars that Alrowwad conducts give the chance to many children to participate in activities that follow Iftars.

The children expressed their happiness to participate in the first event of Ramadan and for providing them with a safe environment and enough space to express themselves.