Alrowwad host a music show for the Spanish Zoo Band

21/9/2018 Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society , in cooperation with the Aida Center, performed a musical performance with the Spanish zoo band, under the theme “Twenty Years of Solo Laughter”.

The event started with a circus tour from the refugee center near the “key to the return of the camp’s streets” to the center of “Alrowwad vocational training” in the hearth of the camp. The artistic refugee tapes played the Palestinian national peace, followed by a musical performance by the Alrowwad music band.

In turn, the General Director of Alrowwad Association, Dr. Abdel Fattah Abo Srour, welcomed the attendance of perants, children, foreign volunteers and representatives of the institutions on real estate at Aida camp to provide a positive atmosphere for children and draw a smile on their faces.

It is worth mentioning that the musical event within the activities continue for a week continuously supervises the organization of a refugee center in the Aida refugee camp and different areas of Bethlehem.