Alrowwad open the curtain of the first show of Majnon Laila

22-9-2018 Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society presented on Saturday the first official play name “Majnoun Leila” by French director Philippe Talard on the stage of the President Putin Foundation in the Bethlehem city in partnership with the Prisoners Affairs and Editors Association, the YMCA in Jerusalem and the President Putin Foundation Culture and economy.

The play was opened in the presence of a large number of officials, intellectuals, artists and the people of Bethlehem.

Where the artwork “Majnoon Layla” inspired by the famous love story of the crazy Laila reflected by the work through the image of the political reality in Palestine. The story revolves around the story of a man who dreams of being a poet like Qais Majnoon Leila, a historical story rooted in Arab culture that imitates the story of Romeo and Juliet in Western culture.

Has participated in the “Majnoon Laila” the General Director of Alrowwad Association Dr. and theater actor Abdel Fattah Abo Srour, a Spanish dancer Anna Arroyo and an African dancer Conan Quasi and the members of Alrowwad Art band.

For his part, the French director and the dancer Philippe Talard said that “Majnoun Leila” represents the political situation where Jews as cousins like Qais and Laila “relatives and cannot be with each other,” expressing this sense of love for the earthly and controlling one of them at the expense of the other. This prompted the Palestinians to be angry and to resist this injustice, imprisonment and refusal to live together under occupation, such as Majnoon Layla, where Palestinians, whether refugees, prisoners or exiles, would prefer to die free of charge to preserve their right to express their love for their country.

This is in view of the opening performance of the crazy Laila admiration of the presence and interaction, calling for other offers to work to allow the largest possible number of attendees to learn about the story of love and madness, which embodied the work between Majnoon Laila Palestinian and his lover Palestine.