Radio Alrowwad 194

The Dream of Children that comes true After the Online Broadcast Radio, Getting Over-the-Air Radio Alrowwad 194 On December 11th 2013, a group of young pioneers initiated the first Palestinian online broadcast, to imprint their first achievement in the electronic media world, which gave them a chance to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Young children from Aida refugee camp volunteered in Alrowwad Cultural and Theater Society and set the basics of their dreams adopted by Alrowwad that always aims to promote life and inspire hope for them, the place where they express themselves and show their point of view to the whole world. During their first year, the young pioneers introduced many cultural and national programs and recorded tens of episodes fully operated by them. They also participated in various national campaigns and joint broadcast with local radios network in Palestine including the solidarity campaigns with Gaza, Yarmouk camp, Palestinian Child Day, Palestinian people with different abilities day, and the Nakba commemoration. The nine children radio staff continued to show the true image of the Palestinian children in the camp by interviewing many solidarity delegations members, discussing the Palestinian issue, and reflecting the problems that children of the camp suffer from. At the local level, the staff visited many Palestinian radios and were introduced to their work, suggesting broadcasting their programs on Air of these radios. Thus, the program of ( I and my village) that was produced by radio Alrowwad 194, showing a series of children real stories about the villages their families obligatory displaced from, and was broadcasted on a network of local radios. Today, a year since launching the first online broadcast, the children terminated their dream by launching over the air experimental broadcasting on its new frequency to become one of many frequencies in Bethlehem. The new dream that the children look for in the New Year reflects their aspiration to develop the radio and inspire other children in Palestine to expand the broadcast covering all the Palestinian territories.