Dear friends of Alrowwad


Date: September 7th, 2020

Dear Friends of Alrowwad

I hope you and your beloved ones are all safe, healthy, and well.

I would like to express our deepest thanks for all those who supported us all over the years, and those who continued to support us, or joined recently supporting us during this pandemic and continuous challenging times on different levels.

Since the beginning of the year, Alrowwad continued its work with full energy. We were hoping to diminish our dependence on external funding. Then the pandemic hit us first in Bethlehem, and all reservations, delegations, international and local tours were canceled, and sources of income have stopped.

In addition, European Union, even though we didn’t receive direct funding from them, have added a close to condition the funding given to Palestinian NGOs which considers certain Palestinian political parties as terrorist groups, which, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with these political parties, cannot be accepted by Palestinian NGOs.

We are thankful to the great support from different friends of Alrowwad, and partners, we were able to continue delivering services to our community during the pandemic since March. Partnering with Aid camp institutions, we created an emergency response cell that worked hard to respond to the needs of the community, and confined families with food packages, medicine, disinfectants, and hygiene materials, and some financial support for university students.

During the Holy month of Ramadan, Alrowwad kitchen-restaurant with volunteers from the camp was able to cook hot meals for all families in need, and we were able to distribute 11,500 hot meals during the 30 fasting days of Ramadan. The Eid was an occasion also to draw the smile on the faces of about 450 children and orphans with the new clothes to celebrate the Eid Al-fiter.

After May 2020, Alrowwad has to manage with different specific tasks, including the humanitarian services, but also scholarships for university students that volunteer within our different programs and participate in our activities and are in need.

With the beginning of the new academic year in September, we were able to secure about 112 school bags for children of families in need and orphans.

Some activities continued with precautions, others were done online, and some were stopped completely. However, one program of capacity building for about 40 NGOs from 9 governorates in the West Bank and (Gaza, and Lebanon online) started and will continue from August till December 2020.

It is clear that all needs cannot be covered. It is clear that because of the financial challenges we cannot respond to many urgent needs and continue some of our programs.

On the positive side, however, finally, the work has finished to install the electricity generator that will strengthen the current in Aida camp within the chamber provided by Alrowwad in the new building. During the week, the electricity generator will be operational and we will upgrade our electricity power to suit the needs of the vocational training center, guest house and restaurant-Kitchen.

We are still working on securing the needed funds for the roof theatre space so that we can install the solar panels for a more environmentally friendly alternative energy.

We are also putting the plans for our Cinema School and Music school with the beginning of the year which we hope that you will support us with as well.

As I said before, regardless of everything, the pandemic, huge financial challenges, political catastrophic situation and annexation plans, and things slowing down on every level, we keep and inspire hope. We thank all friends of Alrowwad, and friends of Palestine and justice for their amazing work and supporting us in every way. We deeply thank friends of Alrowwad everywhere, individuals and organization for their continuous support despite all the challenges. We are deeply grateful to all those who dedicate their time and energy to show this other face of Palestine, physically wherever possible and virtually.

We continue to reclaim that despite all the despair around us, we don’t have the luxury of despair, but a steadfast hope that we can make a change that we can be proud of. Despite all the injustice and oppression, we believe that we have a responsibility to continue to make this world better and free of injustice and oppression, a world where every human life matter, a world where we are all free and equal. Miracles will not happen alone, we need to provoke them to happen.

Our deepest thanks and gratitude to all those who work with us to inspire hope, promote life and provoke miracles with us to be proud of the change we make for the generations to come.

Wishing you all health, wealth and blessings

Abdelfattah Abusrour, and Alrowwad team

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